How To Save For Your First Down Payment

A more flexible option is a home equity line of credit. This is an open ended loan meaning the payment and rate usually tends to be lower and is variable. A line of credit is generally used like a credit card, with tax benefits. Interest is only paid on the portion of the line you use. The rest is available for when and if you need it. Whenever you make a payment, that portion that is applied to the principle and is then available to use again if need be. Some lenders will offer a card for easier access. This option is great for when you do need to use the money immediately or would like to have the flexibility to keep using the money without going through the loan process over and over again.

Unsure you can contact the assessment office and they can tell you if your home is manufactured. Many lenders will not lend on a manufactured home, so save yourself time and let them know up front. Modular is stick-built and treated as such.

Consider the seller’s point of view. Would you want to take your house off the market on the hope that your buyer will be able to get financing, or would you rather keep accepting offers until you know he or she has the ability to buy?

Getting approved with a sub prime lender is much easier than with a prime lender. Even if you have had a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last few months, you can get a refi mortgage.

So when the plan isn’t to remain in the house for a long period of time, be ready to include the cost of the purchase and sale into your prospective budget – which typically includes thousands of dollars in residential and legal fees.

Avoid late fees – pay your bills on time! Give yourself a weekly allowance in cash to pay for incidentals and stick to it. When the money is gone – it’s gone.

The reason the loan is broken up is that the borrower does not have to pay bank mortgage insurance (PMI) on either loan. A typical 100% loan has this PMI charge as an additional charge to compensate the lender for the risk involved in 100% financing. For a lending institution a 100% loan on a property offers them no equity “cushion” in case the value of the property goes down.

A final option is called “lender paid mortgage insurance.” The lender pays the premiums and in turn, increases your interest rate. So, while your interest rate would be higher, you wouldn’t have monthly PMI payments and your larger interest payments would be tax deductible.

The VA will not give insurance for the entire amount of the loan but instead on a small portion of it. The threshold for the loan is if it is under $144,000 the VA will insure $36,000 and if it is over $144,000 the VA insures $60,000. This helps the banks in case you end up defaulting on your obligation to pay.

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