Are You Looking For Life Assurance?

Giving up your privacy and submitting your blood and urine for exhaustive testing can also hurt, rather than help you. Your Life Agent should be able to tell you which route is in your best interest.

There are options you could choose that would enable you switch to permanent life insurance or one with a cash option. It doesn’t demand you prove you are insurable.

So is this term life insurance policy payment going to haunt me? Should I expect to be bothered each month that I have this payment for something I pray I never get to cash in?

Box 10: Dependent Care Benefits. Box 10 reports any amounts reimbursed for dependent care expenses, or the dollar value of dependent care services provided by your employer. Amounts under $5,000 are non-taxable benefits. Any amount over $5,000 is reported as taxable wages in Boxes 1, 3, and 5. Non-taxable benefits must be excluded from expenses claimed for the child and dependent care tax credit on IRS Form 2441.

The cost of one medium-priced lunch at a restaurant could pay for a week’s worth of life insurance coverage. One lunch! Think how much you could save if you ate lunch out two or three fewer times each week.

At the end of the term, you would have to go over the process of applying again. Becoming uninsurable during this period means you are likely going to remain without insurance cover.

You move ahead and you get married, you subsequently have children. I am positive that you would want your wife and children to own their home even if you are not around to make that mortgage payment. Of course your spouse could work but let us look at it this way. If you have young children she may prefer to stay at home and do that very difficult job of raising the children that you both brought into this world. With a good mortgage insurance policy plus other adequate life insurance that would provide an income sufficient for them to live on you wife could stay home.

In the end, if you are lucky, you might have enough money to bury you. Too often it is not the case. Then the family has to dig deep and make a contribution to get you in the ground.

The most common way they will do that is to charge you more for your life insurance policy. By raising their premiums they will subsidize their losses and keep from taking too hard of a hit. Instead you will have to take the hit in the pocket book when you pay those higher monthly rates.

You contract with an insurance company to pay a set premium and upon your death the company will pay the face amount of the policy to your beneficiaries either in one lump sum or in the form of an income. The death benefit is usually tax free unless you make the proceeds part of your estate through a will.

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